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Types of Report and Data

APImetrics provides a range of ways to review your results, analyze them and report them.

Key Concepts

APImetrics provides the following type of report:

  • API call based statistics
  • Results by location or group of location showing pass rate and uptime
  • Summary reports which can be shared publicly showing last week or 15 minutes of uptime

Types of Data Available

All data is stored by call breakdown and percentile of the data.

Call breakdowns stored are:

  • DNS look up time
  • TCP connect time
  • HTTPS handshake time
  • Upload time
  • Processing time
  • Download Time
  • Total Time
  • Time to first byte

Data can be displayed in the following ways:

  • Pass fail graphs
  • Latency graphs
  • Latency histograms
  • Heatmaps showing either a time period or a cummulative time period
  • Return packet size graphs
  • Maps showing latency by geography