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Key Concepts

Handling global variables.

Types of variable

Global Variables

Variables that can be used by all users in an account.

Environment Variables

Environment variables are specific to a certain group of tests. You select the variable group in the test edit screen.

Setting Variables

Select Environment Variables from the Advanced Tab


Within the APImetrics software, an environment variable is a user-defined variable that associates a variable name with a variable. The variable is stored for re-use at various points in the APImetrics software. This saves the user from having to enter the same value multiple times with the risk of making a mistake in entering it and also means that if it is desired to change the value, it will be updated automatically at all the points it is used.

Suppose a user wants to fill in a text box with the text

“Hi, my name is Davina. My email address is davina@apimetrics.com“

Ut may be the case that the user is required to enter her email address (or any other data string) at multiple points in the system. The user can then create a variable email = davina@apimetrics.com and enter the following literal text into the text box

“Hi, my name is Davina. My email address is: {{ email }}

When the text in the text box is parsed by the system, the value of the variable associated with the name email (davina@apimetrics.com) will be inserted into and the result will be

“Hi, my name is Davina. My email address is davina@apimetrics.com“

If the user changes her email address, it is only necessary to change the value of the variable email and the value will be inserted at all points in the system where the literal string {{ email }} is found.